Why Moana is my travel icon

When I left the sofa to embark on my travels, it seemed only fitting to turn to my favourite island-hopping animation for inspiration. Read on to find out why she should be your travel icon too...


An ode to packing cubes

If you’ve been travelling I can bet my bottom dollar that one of your biggest pet peeves is living out of a bag. Enter packing cubes, and the delightful organised utopia that they can create...


Where to find the best Pad Thai on Koh Lipe

If in doubt, pad Thai. This has become my motto in Thailand. Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner I always seem to have an appetite for this delicious yet simple classic...


Our Story

After five years working in corporate London we decided to pack it all in and explore the world, before we have to become proper adults and have babies and stuff.

Currently working our way through Asia, hunting for veggie and vegan treats.


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