Why Moana is my travel icon

Some people may say that a 29 year old girl/woman has no business having an obsession with Moana, a Disney film released in 2016 when this girl/woman was definitely a woman, and a childless woman at that. To those people I say ‘away, away!’

Whilst my enduring heroine crush will always be Pocahontas (“you can own the earth and still all your own is earth until…” – deep shizz) the first time I watched Moana on a drizzly, hungover Sunday, I knew this would be how I would spend all hungover Sundays for the foreseeable future.

So when I left the sofa to embark on my travels, it seemed only fitting to turn to my favourite island-hopping animation for inspiration – so here goes…

She packs light

As far as I can tell, the only thing she takes with her is Heihei, the dim-witted chicken, and she doesn’t even pack him, he’s an unexpected stow away.

She goes with the flow

Now this is a lot easier when the sea literally has your back, and helps you flow here, there and everywhere, but it’s also essential if you want to avoid being the same stress-filled version of yourself that you’ve gone travelling to escape.

She makes friends for life

Was anyone else massively relieved when you got to the end of the movie and realised there was no love interest for Moana? The friendship between Moana and Maui is purely platonic and after their highs and lows you know they’ve got each other’s backs for life.

She stays in touch with family

Spoiler alert: Her grandmother may pass away at the beginning of the film, but Moana still makes sure she stays in touch with her manta-ray embodied spirit in the afterlife. Just because you’re on the other side of the ocean isn’t an excuse to let your loved ones worry.

She rocks beach hair

Whilst this may have more to do with her being a Polynesian beauty, and a fictional one at that, Moana’s perfect waves are truly enviable, especially when you’re a GHD-obsessive suffering from withdrawal.

She’s NOT a princess

Ok this last one has nothing to do with travelling, but can any self respecting girl, woman or ‘woke’ man deny that they cheered when she corrected Maui – “Okay, first, I’m not a princess. I’m the daughter of the chief…” Yes Moana! And she continues to break all Disney princess stereotypes throughout the film. There’s no knight in shining armour for Moan: she saves herself and her people in the process.

If you enjoyed this blog, what can I say except you’re welcome! Now excuse me while I go back to listening to the Moana soundtrack on repeat.

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